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Using get-iplayer snap version w/output directory on removable media (e.g. usb stick)


I thought I should detail how one does this as I encountered this issue myself and I feel it is necessary to put it out there so people using an external films HDD within their linux system when they are using the snapcraft version!

This happens on this error:

Quote:ERROR: Cannot open (write): /media/xxxx/xxxxx/

So basically when one has a terminal open on their system, and they wish to download TV/Radio to a drive outside of their home drive (i.e. /media or /mnt) they can't it errors out not truly describing everything that has gone wrong and just says it failed to write.

And after a Google search this forum page appears (, which says this from user-2:
Quote:With the snap you need to connect its "removable-media" interface in order to write under /media. It's not connected by default.

Now for a normal user they may not understand this or know where to find out how as on a search it doesn't properly lay it out; however, here it is. If you wish to use removable media or a different drive, one needs to type in this command on a snapcraft install:
snap connect get-iplayer:removable-media :removable-media
This connects the snap removable-media interface to get-iplayer and one should simply be able to rerun the desired command and it should run :)


I believe this would only affect Ubuntu users who use the snap version of get_iplayer.
If you use a repository version instead of the web site version, it is likely to be out of date.

I wouldn't use snap myself (for anything)...

These forums are archived

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