get_iplayer v2.92 no longer works
OK, I admit I'm using an old version of GIP on a very old machine!
GIP Version:get_iplayer v2.92,
PC O.S.:-  Vista 32bit

Attempting to download this program:-
Using this command:-
get_iplayer --subtitles --pid b0528n5r
The returned info from this pid request was as follows:-
INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
WARNING: Could not download programme metadata from
ERROR: Failed to get version pid metadata from iplayer site

It is totally beyond my comprehension what you need me to append this to
"--verbose > /path/to/log.txt 2>&1"

iPlayer site says that Download is not available for the target program, however, I understand rightly or wrongly, that this restriction should not impede GIP.
Would appreciate confirmation on this if possible.
That's an ancient version of get_iplayer.

get_iplayer isn't updated simply to cause annoyance to users, it's updated because the BBC makes sweeping changes to how iPlayer works and get_iplayer must change with it.

You can read the Release Notes to see all that has changed.

You'll receive no 'official' help from the maintainer here until you update to the latest version and still have an issue.

I can sympathise with the fact you're using Vista, but that's not a supported platform as explained on the Windows Installation page. Windows 7 and up are supported. It's pretty likely that the latest get_iplayer will work on Vista but I don't know for sure, so you can always give the latest version a try.

If you do have an issue, more detailed instructions on creating a log file can be found here:
Thanks for that SqP, Yes, it's an old version and last time I needed it (not that long ago) it worked just fine and I continued on the premis that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!
I did visit the "dinkypumpkin" page you link me to quite a while ago with the best of intentions, but following the various links on that page never seem to point me at the "installer".
Attempting the alternative, I fail to find anything which would assist me to install this software manually.

Maybe I'm destined to only use GIP on a Linux machine where as I recall the process was much simpler!
Might be time to update that glasses prescription :)

If you read that page out loud to yourself, after the 'Installing' header it'll tell you exactly what to do.

There's also a big link at the top of this page that says 'Downloads'. Go there, click on the windows logo, then click the big purple arrow.

That'll take you to a page with a .exe installer (exactly the same place as the Windows Installation page takes you).

Click that .exe installer and it'll be downloaded.

Then install it.

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