ERROR: Programme type '' does not exist
I keep getting this error message:
ERROR: Programme type '' does not exist

I have just updated to the newest Windows version of getIplayer in Firefox 56.0.2 in an attempt to solve the problem.

I pasted the URLs into the Quick URL box - this always worked for me in the past.

Radio show that didn't work =
TV show that didn't work =

I am having real problems working out how to generate the verbose log file.
Do you have some simple instructions on where this can be found or how to generate it?
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I don't know how to generate a verbose log. That's what I was asking.

This is the bit i am having problems with:

7.Attach a copy of the output get_iplayer returns in the form of a verbose log text file. If you do not provide a verbose log, it is unlikely that your problem can be diagnosed and thus you are much less likely get a resolution for your issue. Generate verbose output and capture it in a plain text (.txt) file by appending --verbose > /path/to/log.txt 2>&1 to the end of your get_iplayer command line, where /path/to/log.txt is the full path to the log file.


get_iplayer --get 123 --verbose > C:\Users\jbloggs\log.txt 2>&1
To generate the log, you need to use the command line version of get_iplayer. You'll find this in the start menu just like the webpvr version (if that's what you normally use, otherwise sorry for teaching you to suck eggs).

Lets break the command down:

get_iplayer invokes get_iplayer (make it run).

--get 123 tells get_iplayer to obtain the index number 123. I'd recommend for your case using --pid=b09blgy5 which is the pid of the TVprogramme you provided in your previous reply (it's the bit at the end of the URL). You can usually find the pid pretty easily from the URL.

Remember - when downloading radio you need to add --type=radio to your command. So when you create the log for the radio programme, make sure to include that switch, and to change the pid over from the TV one. (Yes, run the command twice, once for each programme to produce a log. The first file will get overwritten by the second run, so either rename the first file or choose a new file name for the second (I'll show you how below).

--verbose tells get_iplayer to produce verbose output so we can see what it's doing.

> C:\Users\jbloggs\log.txt 2>&1 is where the magic happens. Sparing you the details it tells the shell/prompt to take the output get_iplayer produces and put it into the indicated file, in this case C:\Users\jbloggs\log.txt.

If you had just one log to create I'd suggest using this exact command:

get_iplayer --pid=XXXXXXX --verbose> C:%HOMEPATH%\get_iplayer_verbose_log.txt 2>&1

When you supply the pid in place of XXXXXX this will create a file in your user folder called get_iplayer_verbose_log.txt which will have the verbose output ready for you to attach here.

BUT - you need to produce two logs, and you don't want to overwrite the first one when you run the command the second time with the second programme, so I've actually created the commands you should use below:

Create a uniquely named TV log

get_iplayer --pid=b09blgy5 --verbose > C:%HOMEPATH%\get_iplayer_verbose_TV_log.txt 2>&1

Create a uniquely named radio log

get_iplayer --pid=b09by928 --type=radio --verbose > C:%HOMEPATH%\get_iplayer_verbose_radio_log.txt 2>&1

@dinky I'm not hugely familiar with windows - is there a reason to not use %HOMEPATH%? Would make the command a bit more generic for those unfamiliar with the command line (and bring into line with the Unix/Linux version).
(05-11-2017, 02:41 PM)SquarePenguin Wrote: @dinky I'm not hugely familiar with windows - is there a reason to not use %HOMEPATH%? Would make the command a bit more generic for those unfamiliar with the command line (and bring into line with the Unix/Linux version).
OK so long as you explain how to get the value of  %HOMEPATH%. I expect it will always be \Users\whoever for anyone who posts here, but it doesn't have to be. It also doesn't necessarily live in C: (there's %HOMEDRIVE% for that), but that also seems unlikely here.
TV log

Radio log

Many many thanks for your help.

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.txt   get_iplayer_verbose_radio_log.txt (Size: 1.1 KB / Downloads: 92)
Thanks for the logs. I can't replicate that behaviour, and unfortunately, get_iplayer doesn't provide any more detail that might be helpful. Try the same two commands in slightly different form:

get_iplayer --pid="tv:b09blgy5"
get_iplayer --pid="radio:b09by928"

If those commands also fail, don't post logs unless they are different from the ones you posted earlier.
Pasting those two bits of text into the run box in Windows start gives me the error message again.

I am going to try complete uninstall then reinstall and see what happens.

[ I get the same result]
Here 'tis.

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.txt   get_iplayer_verbose_TV_log.txt (Size: 1.09 KB / Downloads: 76)
Thanks for checking. After you re-install, do a full rebuild of your cache
get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=tv,radio
I don't have any concrete suspicion that it will make a difference, but you might as well start from what should be a known good state.
That appears to be working.
Thank you so very much.

Yes, the programme came down.
Thank you again.

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