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The BBC has blown up the TV listing feeds used by get_iplayer, as threatened here:

This problem will manifest as a series of "WARNING: Failed to get programme index feed ..." messages when refreshing your TV cache.

A new get_iplayer release will be available soon, once the destruction has been assessed. Until then, use --refresh-feeds-tv=schedule.

Radio listing feeds are so far unaffected.

If you use the Web PVR. you can set the required option in your preferences from the command line with get_iplayer --prefs-add --refresh-feeds-tv=schedule, but you will need to remove that setting once a new release is available. Note that updates for BBC Parliament listings will be broken until the new release.

Note also that you will no longer be able to search TV programmes by category, nor will you be able to search for signed and audio described programme versions. Any PVR searches based on category will fail.

Even without the above workaround, you can still download individual programmes from the command line with --pid <PID> or --url <URL>
You will find that using --refresh-feeds-tv=schedule will populate your TV cache with some future programmes not yet available and some past programmes that are no longer available (e.g., films). Programmes from the past 7 days should be OK. This will be corrected in next release.