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Full Version: Cannot Change output folder since 2.87 Update
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I use the output folder "C:\iPlayer Recordings" however since the 2.87 update get_iplayer has recorded to it's default "C:\Users\John Dalton\Desktop\iPlayer Recordings".

I have tried several times to change the output folder using --prefs-add and each time it tells me it has changed te folder. I have also edited the options file manually. It still contained "C:\iPlayer Recordings".

Still files are saved to "C:\Users\John Dalton\Desktop\iPlayer Recordings".

Any help or advice would be most welcome.
What is the output of
get_iplayer --prefs-show

Can you copy and paste that into a reply here? Don't forget to mark what you paste as code by selecting the text and clicking the 'code' button just above the input box.