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Full Version: BBC PID download single or multiple
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Since the BBC data change on 29 Oct, PID download method is one of the methods to still download. Is it possible to queue multiple PIDs in the one command eg :

get_iplayer --PID b04nz99z b04mpwzt or must it be a single show at a time ?

Also, same topic, different OS... an OS (MAC) question. Given the change of BBC data, is there a workaround using get_iplayer if using a MAC ?

Hi Robbie,
Tomorrow's update should add the ability to download multiple PIDs in the same way we used to do it with the index numbers.

With the current version it is only 1 PID at a time.
Could will it be possible to download the subtitles with pid?
Thanks for the prompt feedback. Good news that multiple PIDs is coming.
Cheers Robbie