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Full Version: Search for "Alexi Sayle" returns INFO: 0 Matching programmes
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I'm a noob so apologies for not being too clued on using command line.
I've updated to and unable to search for an item
I run get iplayer, states "INFO: 0 Matching programmes"
Then Web PVR Manager, loads up with a list, when I search for a show I know has been on through the week, (0 Programmes) "Alexi Sayle"
I've tried refreshing Cache both on the app itself and via a search string with no luck.
I'm sure I'm probably being a numpty, any chance someone could set me straight please?

You misspelled Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar: Series 3 - Kings of Comedy, BBC Radio 4, m0008wm0
INFO: 1 total programmes

INFO: Downloading radio: 'Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar: Series 3 - 04. Kings of Comedy (m0008wm0) [original]'
78.9% of ~70.97 MB @  40.4 Mb/s ETA: 00:00:03 (hafhigh1/ll) [audio]
Thank you both, appreciate you flagging that up, so the issue was PICNC.
I don't know why when searching for Alexei Sayle on get_iplayer, it could not find the show, even though I could view it on the list.

Sorry for the late reply chaps, I've been abroad, hope you don't think I was being rude and ignoring.