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Full Version: WARNING: Got 0 programmes... during cache refresh
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running the update cache in WebPVR (happens when I run the main exe too), i'm getting a lot of empty (0 results) schedule pages...

Quote:NFO: Indexing tv programmes (concurrent)
WARNING: Got 0 programmes for BBC Alba schedule page (JSON):
WARNING: Got 0 programmes for BBC Four schedule page (JSON):

and so on - both tv & radio, concurrent & future.
the actual pages seem to be there if you visit their URLs, so I don't know if this is a get_iplayer json issue or something at the BBC end.

apologies if it's been mentioned previously, but I couldn't see any similar thread.
I am also getting this error today - was working fine yesterday.

Hi - I'm also getting 0 programmes following Refresh. Upgrading to 3_21 made no difference.
(I'm on Windows 10).

Due to BBC changes. Cache will not update until get_iplayer is fixed. Somebody is on it, so no more me-toos. Thread closed.
Fixed in v3.22