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Full Version: Can get_iplayer stop downloading at a specified time point in programme?
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Hey all,

As someone who's using this fantastic program to get mostly news programmes from the BBC, does anyone know if the 'get_iplayer --pid=' has a 'time' cap variable? Some news programmes are more than 4 hours long and I sometimes only want the first 30 minutes. I can't always record live.

'get_iplayer --pid something --tstop=t30' for example? I'd appreciate any replies, thanks.
You can use start and stop commands

I tend to use a freeview / satellite rx to record the shows and post edit them it also applies to GIP

I record the whole program and trim out the section using ffmpeg or avidemux (ffmpeg frontend)
the command to trim using ffmpeg is below

ffmpeg -i<input_file>  -ss <start time> -t <end time> <options>  output_file

more details at ffmpeg

You could kill the record task after 30mins  the partial is saved. you might have to clean it up afterwards as it probably won't be on a keyframe.

There's probably a much more elegant way to achieve this.
LosslessCut is highly recommended as a lightweight multi-platform program for simple cutting jobs with a few extra features.
Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. It's very clear that multiple programs are necessary these days to achieve a simple goal of capturing the video/audio we want for a particular project and specific tutorials for such things overall are fairly limited unless you spend many hundreds of hours researching.. The pros with lot's of decent hardware and access to content like the top journalists and their teams are of course unwilling to share and promote their methods but we are very thankful for such assessable apps such as Get_iPlayer and hope this program's developers are taking notes of user feedback and continues to build/rebuild for the average user. Same bit rates for audio and frame rates for video notifications for example. Regards.