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Full Version: How do I download single episode of radio programme?
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Hi. First of all, I'm new to this, and must apologise for my lack of IT skills and comprehension of the instructions - this is a very basic question.

How do I download a particular edition of a magazine radio show which doesn't have a week-specific title, or a publicly disclosed edition number? I don't want to grab every edition of the show that's currently online.

(I'd like to download the Saturday 8th September 2018 edition of BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends in full - there's a download option on the edition's iPlayer page, but it only offers a truncated version of a particular song from the programme - it's the song that I'm after.)

Many thanks for any help that can be given.
This is explained in the guide section - link above. And below...
Many thanks, SquarePenguin.