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Full Version: How do I record occasional HD programmes with fps25 in preferences?
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I generally don't use 50fps so have fps25 1 in my options now
but should I want to record the occasional HD 50pfs program how would I do that without removing fps25 from the options?
thanks for the quick reply
Works a treat
Whilst I used to generally grab the now defunct 720p streams for most of what I want to watch the now default for 25fps of 960x540 is fine so I have the options set to 25fps which is now what the PVR grabs. However, what I'd like to do for the occasional mainly documentaries is to grab the HD 50 fps stream. I cannot work out how to do simply on a one off basis.
I only download radio but I think if you add --tvmode=best to the command line, you'll get what you want.