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Full Version: Help - Get_iPlayer can't find show i want to download
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I recently returned from Glastonbury and planned to download footage of all the acts i saw that were aired (As i did last year). But when i search Glastonbury i only get 3 results. Yet on the iPlayer site i get 90+ results. A lot of these are web only, but this wasn't an issue last year. Obviuously as i have very limited time remaining to get all these, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Download using the programme page URLs from the iPlayer site. See the Recording section of Usage & Examples page in wiki.
Thanks, that worked well. But the resulting file was 832x468. Is there a way to tell it to download the HD version? I took a look through the wiki, but may have missed it. I'm downloading using the PID.
Hint: There is a link at the top of the page labelled "Guides".