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Full Version: Web PVR: Recordings tab empty with "Force Recording" = on
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just updated to 3.03
Can't say when this happened, but when I look at the Recordings tab on my WebPVR interface, it is empty (0 programmes), even though I have over 4900 entries in my download_history file, many of which are radio programmes recorded recently and still in their originally downloaded location.

Can I provide any more info to reveal why this might be the case?


so I've tracked it down to having the "Force Recording"  option under the Recording sub-tab set to "On".

I understand this should override history when RECORDING, allowing subsequent recordings to override pre-existing downloads, perhaps this should NOT apply when searching/viewing??
It has always worked that way. It's an optimisation to prevent needlessly loading the download history when it will only be ignored. I guess there is a reasonable presumption that you won't use --history and --force together, which would be pointless.  Unfortunately, the Web PVR allows you do just that. It looks like that behaviour can be changed, so I'll do that for next release. In the meantime, just switch off "Force Recording" after you've used it. You shouldn't leave it switched on - it will generate unnecessary download attempts.
Changed in v3.04
Appreciate ALL the good work, thanks Dinky.