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Full Version: How do I force re-downloading a programme in Web PVR?
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Hello! I have been using the program with no difficulties for a few months now, and just downloaded the new 3.0.2 version for Windows 7 today. My question is, I think, fairly simple and will only illuminate my stupidity, but what the hey.

Advance info--I record by cutting & pasting the program link from the BBC pages, then inserting the cut-paste into the Quick URL on the Search tab and pushing the Record button. Only radio programmes, so no issues there. Have had no troubles with this method until now.

I accidentally deleted a program that I was meaning to convert to mp3, so I can then back it up to disc. I see about adding --force to the new request to record, but I don't know where to put it in the display on the Search tab so that I can download the program again. Could someone possibly provide an answer, so hopefully I won't have to bother anyone again? Thank you in advance for the assistance.
On the web page there is a tab named "Recording", if you click on this you will see a "Force Recording" field which you can select "on" or "off"
Roga: Thank you very much! I found what you mentioned, and now everything is good PLUS I know how to solve the problem in the future if I turn stupid again.