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Full Version: RHEL 6 XML::LibXML is too old for 3.00
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I upgraded to 3.00 from 2.94 and now have a bunch of reference issues with the program names and episodes. I started with:

Quote:get_iplayer --cache-init --type="tv,radio"

 When I do a get_iplayer --refresh --type="tv,radio" I get:


17817:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de870) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3fedc50), BBC World Service, p050kvwt
17818:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de8a0) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de330), BBC World Service, p050sksq

INFO: 7838 Matching Programmes

The web interface shows the same.  Interesting though, the description and channel fields are OK:

Add Series
XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x252dd80): XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x2e27630)
Baby Jake and Captain Spacey go on a space adventure and play at space painting.

0d 19h ago

OS is RHEL 6.9:

cat /etc/redhat-release
Scientific Linux release 6.9 (Carbon)

Any ideas?

Update XML::LibXML Perl module to latest version
OK, thanks for the quick response.  Unfortunately my OS package already is up to date:

Quote:yum list perl*XML                
Installed Packages                                        
perl-XML-LibXML.x86_64                                                            1:1.70-5.el6                                                     @sl


Quote:yum upgrade perl*XML
No Packages marked for Update

...but I am guessing this isn't new enough.

CPAN is the normal answer but the machine I am running on doesn't have a compiler so this doesn't work either:

Quote:cpan[1]> install XML::LibXML
Couldn't find your C compiler
Compilation failed in require at Makefile.PL line 94.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 94.

I guess I will have to do some more work to get a build environment and keep you posted.
Version 1.70 appears to no longer be new enough, though I only discovered that after release when someone attempted to install on a long-dead macOS version. I'll have to raise the minimum required version in code, though I don't yet know what it should be.

Without a compiler, I fear you are stuck. If you can, I suggest you update all the get_iplayer-related Perl modules, and I think there is some native code pulled in under LWP as well.
I think I have a solution for this. The next release of get_iplayer should once again work with version 1.70.
Great news about the solution for 1.70.  In the meantime I did upgrade LibXML manually.  On my minimal RHEL install I needed to run:

Quote:yum remove perl-XML-LibXML
yum install libxml2-devel gcc
cpan -i XML::LibXML
cpan -i XML::SAX

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have resolved the problem.  Some shows do have valid data but others still show the XML::LibXML objects.  This is the end of the ouptput from get_iplayer --refresh --type="tv,radio":

get_iplayer Output:

17819:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de330) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x4454d20), BBC World Service, p050kwds
17820:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de870) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3fedc50), BBC World Service, p050kvwt
17821:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de8a0) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x55de330), BBC World Service, p050sksq
17824:  radio, Y Talwrn: 2017 - Criw'r Llew Coch v Penllyn, BBC Radio Cymru, b08nx5xh
17827:  radio, Yasmin Evans - 01/05/2017, BBC Radio 1Xtra, b08n1kw0
17828:  radio, Yasmin Evans - 02/05/2017, BBC Radio 1Xtra, b08n1kx1
17829:  radio, Yasmin Evans - 03/05/2017, BBC Radio 1Xtra, b08n1ky0
17831:  radio, Yasser - The Great Escape Inside Knowledge, BBC Asian Network, b08ndj7n
17832:  radio, Yesterday in Parliament - 03/05/2017, BBC Radio 4, b08nsdpl
17834:  radio, You and Yours - Garden centres, Caribbean holiday nightmare, Buying fine art online, BBC Radio 4, b08njtjq
17835:  radio, You and Yours - What have you done to help your children or grandchildren buy a home?, BBC Radio 4, b08njtpn
17836:  radio, You and Yours - NHS Fraud, Over-50s' Finances, Nuisance Calls, BBC Radio 4, b08njv2g
17837:  radio, You and Yours - Jaeger; Viagogo; Online gambling, BBC Radio 4, b08njv66
17839:  radio, Your Country - Early May Bank Holiday (01/05/2017), BBC Radio Sheffield, p04zqjcn

INFO: 8945 Matching Programmes

Any other thoughts?

EDIT: Just realized that the refresh might have just replaced the new content leaving the original stuff there. Would it be bad to run --cache-init again?
You can do --cache-init again, though I can say for sure it will clean up all the bad entries.
Well... I ran --cache-init again but it is still not perfect.  Here's some more output:

get_iplayer Output:

17748:  radio, Wynne Evans - 02/05/2017, BBC Radio Wales, b08ndtvx
17749:  radio, Wynne Evans - 03/05/2017, BBC Radio Wales, b08ndtxr
17750:  radio, Wynne Evans - 04/05/2017, BBC Radio Wales, b08ndtzp
17754:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x23e3a90) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3c31720), BBC Radio 5 live, b08nrj5s
17755:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3195338) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3a79580), BBC Essex, p04zzk4r
17756:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x31dacc8) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x31d62d0), BBC Radio Jersey, p04zn2j6
17757:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x31faa20) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x38e7fc0), BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, b08pjl6v
17758:  radio, XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3203e18) - XML::LibXML::Text=SCALAR(0x3a0ae88), BBC Surrey, p050hzgx

Fortunately looks like most stuff is OK.  Thanks again for this great tool.
You can try --cache-reset --refresh-limit=30 to rebuild the whole thing from scratch, but it will take a good while. Hardly worth it if no shows of interest are affected.