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Full Version: Unable to download Windows version
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First time here.
I can download source code in either compressed format quickly and easily but any of the three:
"get_iplayer-2.99.0.exe***"  windows install files results in Connection timed out.
I've tried switching off firewall, I've disabled Avast.
I'm running Windows 10 Pro on a 100Mb/sec broadband which is working fine for any other downloads.
PLEASE can someone tell me what I need to do?
I must have got it right before because I have 2.97 installed and working.
Thanks in advance
Long shot but Amazon Web services (S3) are down.

If GitHub uses Amazon to host the files then you might not get them till things are back up and running...

Saying that the zip source code downloads just fine...
@s0litaire is correct - Amazon S3 is suffering a global outage ang GitHub hosts compiled executables in the S3 service via the URL

These outages are seldom long lived, despite the high impact with a service of S3's scale, so give it a little time and I'm sure it'll be up again.
Looks like you were right, gave it a couple of hours and it works fine.