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Full Version: Email subscription options
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Email subscription options - SquarePenguin

<h1>New email subscription options are now available.</h1>
Previously you were able to subscribe to each of the forums here on an individual basis and you'd receive an email notification whenever a new thread was posted.

In order to receive notifications of further posts on that thread, you'd need to go and manually subscribe to it.

This is obviously not optimal, so from today you have the option to subscribe to all new threads and posts automatically. In fact, the options are a little more granular:
  • Subscribe to all new threads (in all forums)
  • Subscribe to all new threads and posts (in all forums)
  • Subscribe to all new threads in subscribed forums only
  • Subscribe to all new threads and posts in subscribed forums only
This should make it easier for you to follow all the latest threads and posts without having to come back and visit again and again, and has the added bonus of getting an immediate notification rather than potentially missing out on the first few parts of the conversation.

<h2>How to activate new subscription options</h2>
To activate these new options go to your User Control Panel (the link is on the top left of the little grey bar under the header when logged in) and then to the 'Edit Options' link in the left sidebar.

Here's a direct link for you (you'll need to be logged in to view).

Make your selection from the 'Automatic Subscriptions' section of the 'Messaging and Notification' options which should look like this:

<img src="" />