No sound on downloaded file
I downloaded get_iplayer v2.95 and installed on my 64-bit Win10 laptop today. Everything seemed to run fine.

I downloaded a few radio programmes  with commands such as:

get_iplayer --get 11535 --output "C:\Users\myAccount\Downloads\get_iplayer_recordings"

and the .m4a files appeared as expected in my download folder. File size as reported by Windows File Explorer seemed reasonable.... about 65MB for a 30-minute programme. IDT tags were OK and indicated the correct duration.

The files appear to play normally in various players (VLC, Windows Media Player, WinAmp), but.... NO SOUND! Not a hint, even though I can see the seconds ticking by. I tried converting to .mp3.... the process seemed to run OK but the resultant file was only around 90kB and no sound.

Any clues?
You need to identify one of the programmes. The index number (11535) is no good to us.
It's this one:

But all 10 programmes I downloaded have the same no-sound problem
Works fine here. Read our instructions before following up. Without a proper report, we have no clue what you are really doing, and no way of diagnosing get_iplayer. Absent that, I see no problem with get_iplayer. Perhaps your media player is to blame.
for you to provide a proper report to help yourself and for other people here to be able to give you appropriate help then you should consider providing us with a dump.

read the following link

i noticed you use windows maybe you should read and run the line of code mentioned under the heading of What information should you provide? section 9

e.g. get_iplayer --get 123 --verbose > C:\Users\jbloggs\log.txt 2>&1

but please read the page the whole page first :)
Well after yesterday's problems, I tried again today and I'm kinda embarrassed to say it all now works OK.

I've no idea what has changed. The PC has not been rebooted (just suspended overnight), though I am using a new instance of the Command Prompt window.
I used the same commands as yesterday, and again it all seemed to go OK. The new files are exactly the same size as yesterdays. The original files still have no sound, the new ones are 100% OK

I can only imagine that the BBC download site had some sort of problem during the 30-60 minutes when I was downloading.

Many thanks for all the suggestions, hopefully I will not need them in the future.

Great tool!