The future of this program?

What does the future have in store for this program come the 1st September? Do the admins/developers have any idea how the BBC are going to implement the new change and will it restrict this program?

This appears to be your first post.
I wish you had used the English version of programme and not the American. Personally I'd wait until nearer September, or should I say The Fall and see what happens.


In actual fact, even in British English, 'program' is the correct spelling of a computer program, as opposed to a TV programme. Or at least, it was when I learnt to program.

Mr G, to start, how is your comment useful in any shape or manner?

Secondly, you're wrong. Program == coded software, and programme has several different definitions but in this context relates to a broadcast and != to coded software ever.

I'm sure that all accredited dictionaries will back this up.

Fourthly, let's pretend that I did use the incorrect spelling. Who actually cares? The message that I wanted to portray was received correctly, and I received an appropriate response. It was an awful response but you attempted at least.

One last note, I see that you've been here for a while. I suggest you should be more welcoming to new membets of the forum.
I contend it was useful, I said "wait until the future" , speculating on what might or might not happen is usually a waste of time.

I'm sorry I offended your sensibilities and criticised your spelling, it was churlish.

I've been a computer programmer since the 1970s, and we called sets of computer instructions "programmes" at ICL until the 1980s, when we dropped the slashed letter O, in favour of the slashed zero and the Garamond type face, and joined the rest of the world.
Looking at the TV Licensing site, It seems to me that are just going to make you declare that you have a license to watch on demand. I don't know how it will be enforced.
Kevingc - I suspect that a hidden token will be stored on the computer like a cookie. I wonder whether this will be wiped each time "CCleaner" or similar are used? Hopefully the team at GIP will find a way to mimic this system and allow this wonderful program (that's how I spell it!) to continue to be able to be used. FYI - I'm in the UK and a licence payer.
RadioArchivist. They say that this will apply to all devices, consoles, TVs, sticks and so on. I think they are going to write to everyone without a licence and tell them that they will be breaking the law if they watch iPlayer without a licence, there is no mention of passwords, accounts or anything like that. I also have a licence and consider it excellent value.

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