Can't download the Eurovision Song Contest Final

.txt   Eurovision download attempt.txt (Size: 9.29 KB / Downloads: 193) Hi, I'm having problems downloading the Eurovision Song Contest Final. The first time I tried (using the Web PVR Manager) I got an FLV file that wasn't converted to an MP4 and doesn't seem to play all the way through. I have tried again (a few days later) via the Web PVR Manager and get_iplayer in a DOS box and get the attached messages for the Web PVR Manager (this seems to carry on forever).

I assume this is a problem with the BBC, although get_iplayer doesn't seem to handle the problem completely well either.

I'm using WIndows 7 and get_iplayer V2.94

Any thoughts ?
Hi Mike,
You have a corrupt version of "Eurovision_Song_Contest_2016_-_4._Grand_Final_b07bm96m_default.partial" in your downloads directory that needs to be deleted. Once that's gone, you should find that the programme re-downloads.
OK, Thanks.
Worked fine for me. pity the content was rubbish.