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getting a live stream



Is there any way of getting a live stream or is it just looking up the current program and trying to fetch that?



yeah, you can record live streams. I've mostly done it with radio shows, but TV works fine to.

My post here will give you some more info about live recording and options to use and not use. I actually ended up using a different program as get_iplayer was never created specifically for live recording and as such it's error handling of live streaming issues (that are not get_iplayer's fault) were not as robust as other programs. But in the last few months the BBC live streams have been really stable so get_iplayer live recording is a workable solution.

That being said, why record live? 

For TV you'll get more options with regards to quality and file size if you download it after it's archived. 

For live radio the 320kbps is great, but if you install the 2.95 dev version it will download the 320kbps file by default ;-)

These forums are archived

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