Help getting a different version of radio program
I enjoy a program on BBc Radio called John Kane's Northern Soul show, see here

recently the success of the program has seen it picked up by a further two other BBC local stations and it now broadcasts to four York - Leeds - Humberside and Sheffield

however 2 maybe ! of these only broadcasts 90 minutes of a 120 munutes show, they join it 30 mins in.

thing is with the latest episode i am only able to download the 90 minute version when the 120 minute version is the one you can listen to, it don't make sense, can anyone help?

I don't think there is anything you can do. For whatever reason, the shorter Sheffield cut was used, perhaps because it was technically the last one broadcast. However, that only applies to the HLS and Flash versions of the programme. The HDS (what you get on the iPlayer site) and DASH versions have the full Leeds cut, so perhaps some production error is to blame. The development version of get_iplayer picks up the full version because it uses DASH by default, but there is no way to know if there is a pattern to all this. We'll have to wait until next week to see.
thanks Dinky, i will try and record the episode another way.

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