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non-UK user - GiP suddenly stopped working



I use get_iPlayer almost every day for listening to Radio 4 Extra and have been doing so happily for a few years now from down here in the southern hemisphere.

Suddenly, on 01Feb2016, get_iPlayer stopped being able to download anything and returned a message that I understand, but had never seen before:

WARNING: You may receive this message if you are using get_iplayer outside the UK

Well, that is true, I am outside the UK and I know that the BBC iPlayer is cagey about allowing access to users outside the UK.

However I would like to know what has changed that suddenly made my beloved get_iPlayer stop doing what it is so very good at ?

Has any other non-UK user experienced this problem around about the same time?

Aside from renting a proxy server, service, does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

Host is Windows 7 Professional
get_iPlayer is v2.94
I have also tried v2.95-dev as described at

Any thoughts and suggestions would be gratefully received.


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