One particular programme not downloading
I'd really appreciate some help to work out what I'm doing wrong here. I am trying to download The Rack Pack, one of the BBC iPlayer Exclusive programmes. It's url is:

Other programmes I am trying work fine. With this programme I am inputting:

get_iplayer --pid=p03bv0t5

and getting the response:

Episode-only pid detected....trying pid using type tv...
1 matching programmes
No programme versions found

I have tried this over a couple of days with the same result. I have also tried using the fully programme url, also adding --type=tv and --type=all. 

I want to say how incredibly impressed I am with get_iplayer and say thank you to all involved. Its particularly impressive how new versions rapidly emerge to adapt to the changing BBC systems. It massively adds to the value I get from BBC programming - they should be thanking everyone involved in the project also.
It works fine here. There is nothing wrong with your command, and use of the episode URL or different --type values won't make any difference.

Don't retype error messages and warnings.  Copy and paste exactly what get_iplayer prints.  Right after "No programme versions found" comes "WARNING: You may receive this message if you are using get_iplayer outside the UK". Those warnings can appear if you're outside the UK or if you use a blocked VPN or proxy from any location, including the UK. You don't say if you tried any other programmes.  If you didn't, now would the time to do so to find out if the problem is with that particular programme or with your system or upstream connection.

If you are in the UK, feel free to post the output from get_iplayer --pid=p03bv0t5 --info --verbose as an attachment. There might be something useful in the output.
I am in the UK and all other programmes are recording fine.

Thanks for having a look at the attachment.

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Install the latest version 2.94 of get_iplayer.  Old versions are not supported.
OK, thanks.

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