HLS/AVCONV downloads 9 seconds of data then pauses/starts again
hi all,

Ever since I started HLS downloads, I've noticed this behaviour. Can anyone give me their opinion on if it is normal or not?

Regardless of the TV Show or the quality chosen, when it comes to aaconv downloading the HLS stream it will download 9 seconds of data, pause with a continuity error, then continue again. It does this in 9 seconds chunks of data until the whole file is downloaded.

I have attached a screen recording to demonstrate it. Update: I have uploaded to vimeo as a 11MB file is too large to attach.




I saw this other link about multi MB speed downloads, so i'm guessing/hoping that i've got an error in my set up and that can improve my speed.

Don't repost your own question that has already been answered:

Hi dinky,

Apologies, I wasn't intending to repost, as my other post was about suppressing error messages. Your reply to that one seemed to indicate that whatever was happening with avconv shouldn't impact download speeds.

But when I read in the quoted post above that people were obtaining high speed HLS  downloads compared to the trickle I have (especially given the consistent 9 second chunk nature) I thought it was worth asking a question about this specific issue (9 second chunk)


HLS streams are chunked, all chunks except the last are the same length, and you get a warning as every chunk is processed - simple as that.  I've already told you that HLS is generally slower than RTMP, and your location on the opposite side of the globe is likely to slow things down further. But if you really believe those warning messages are slowing you down, then ditch avconv for ffmpeg and see if it makes any difference.

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