Downloading with default.mp4.flv added on!
Hi. Great little app, thanks.

I've downloaded a number of programs using it with no problem but on the last download its adding 'default.mp4.flv' to the download. This makes it unplayable with Windows Media Player and I find WMP to be the better player for quality.

I have tried simply deleting the .flv but this makes no difference to playing with WMP.

Anyone with a bit more experience/knowledge than me know what's going on and if I can sort this?

All help appreciated, thanks
I've managed to get it to download again the way I want by deleting the get_iplayer installation and reinstalling. I did this as when I went to download the file again get_iplayer returned that this was already in my history. I'm sure there must be an easier way to deal with that but I couldn't see it so just reinstalled.

After reinstalling I downloaded the program again and looked at the actual download as it was in the process of being downloaded and noticed it still had the 'default.mp4.flv' on it. I allowed it to complete and ,yay, it  'converted' the download to the .mp4.

I think the problem was of my own making as I must have interrupted the initial download before that final 'convert' bit.

Anyways, back to normal and again thanks to the devs for this program. Its a massive help as I was playing the program I wanted in real time from the BBC iPlayer page and using NVidia's build in Shadowplay to record it in real time and though Shadowplay has a great quality it takes as long as each program is to record :)
Your analysis is probably correct regarding interrupting the conversion.

Next time, you can use the --force command to force get_iplayer to download a file that already exists in the history. No need to reinstall.
Thanks, --force. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.