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50fps recordings



I just have noticed that iPlayer is now showing some programs in 50fps. I just watched Celebrity Masterchef on iPlayer and the motion was very smooth in the way that 50fps is but which 25fps is not. After watching the program, I then downloaded it with the setting --tvmode=best but I only got a 25fps file. Is there a way that I can get a 50fps file using get_iplayer or is this a feature that needs to be added to get_iplayer?

Thank you


Do you mean the HLS download modes?


Hi tvfan

Thank you for your posting.

To be honest, I do not know anything about the different modes. I do however know that if you use the setting --tvmode=best, you are supposed to get the best possible quality file available. I have tried the setting you have suggested but get_iplayer could not download anything whatsoever using your setting.

Can anyone suggest anything else?

Thank you.


It seems that the BBC has changed things again. See this post
I did get --modes=hlsbest to download something - but it seems from the fileheader to be a 25fps stream.
The BBC entry says that it downloads 50fps for "connected TVs and computers" so I guess wit will come down to what get_iplayer presents to the beeb.

These forums are archived

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