patch for 2.94 , remove comments in media headers

I had a failure where this appeared in the HCL stream:

## Created with Unified Streaming Platform(version=1.7.9)

This caused an error at line 7099.

The attached patch(against 2.94) sidesteps this parse noise, although someone who actually knows the source might want a nicer solution.

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.txt   patch-29JUN2015.txt (Size: 425 bytes / Downloads: 195)
You didn't patch 2.94 (must be an old version), nor do you need to. And FWIW, your patch wouldn't have the desired effect. You only want to skip comments, not exit the function.

EDIT: Remove statement that single hash symbol is comment leader
My bad: Double hash symbol is indeed the comment leader in these files. However, there may be other commands (begin with single hash symbol) that should also be ignored.
Empirically it avoided the error, but of course inelegant.

The version was from get_iplayer-2.94-1.1.src.rpm, but I manually built/installed.

Thank you for looking into that.
Where did you get that RPM? Your patch shows it is missing the fix for this particular problem in 2.94. so something has gone wrong somewhere.

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