Do you wish to delete them now?
Hello! Just upgraded to most recent version and everything was straightforward thanks to your guide. Thank you. In a world where straightforwardness does not prevail, this is very appreciated.

I've tried poking around for an answer to what seems like a basic question, but failed so far.

When running get_iplayer, after my download or refresh or search for programmes (which all work fine), a list of programmes which I've previously downloaded is generated, preceded by "These programmes should be deleted:" and followed by "Do you wish to delete them now (Yes/No) ?", to which I always answer "no".

The programmes that I'm downloading are programmes I'd like to keep.

What are my options? Can I just keep on answering "no" without any dire consequences? Is there some best practice here?


Hi there,

I'd still appreciate some guidance regarding my question above, either here in the forum or via private message.


The reason get_iplayer prompts you is because the decision is entirely yours. Inasmuch as they pay attention to such things, the BBC doesn't want you to use get_iplayer at all. Consider also that their download app only permits you to keep programmes for 30 days. You must decide for yourself whether to keep downloads from get_iplayer. There is no "best practice", and nobody here can tell you what to do.
Okay, thanks.