Transferring get_iPlayer
My old PC is on it's last legs. get_iPlayer installed from source on the new one.

Is there a file containing my PVR list I can copy over, or is it a matter of adding everything manually on the new machine?

Depending on your system the exact path will be different but within your 'Home' or 'User' folder there should be a 'hidden'
directory and within that there are various things. One of those is the PVR data. Another is the history file of downloaded programmes.

Both might be useful to transfer across. I haven't done this for a long time and I'm not in front of my main system at the mo so I can't be more specific but if you have a look in that general area you should find what you are after.
Gotcha, thanks.
Registered just to say thanks squarepenguin, this really helped me out.