Odd output for choosing "default" version
I've just spotted this in my GiP output and was wandering what happened here.

This was with Comedy Feeds: 2014 - 6. In Deep (p022d0rc)

INFO: Using 'original' version (b04jyk86) as 'default'
INFO: Using 'iplayer' version (p022d0rg) as 'default'
INFO: Checking existence of default version
INFO: flashhd1,flashhd2 modes will be tried for version default
INFO: Trying flashhd1 mode to record tv: Comedy Feeds: 2014 - 6. In Deep

WARNING: Required ffmpeg/avconv does not exist - not converting flv file
INFO: File name prefix = Comedy_Feeds_2014_-_6._In_Deep_p022d0rc_default

It looks like it was going to use "original" as the default version then changed it to "iplayer".

It looks like it downloaded the "iplayer" version in the end which is marginally smaller than the "original" version.
The versions are ranked by listed duration, not by file size. Longest is used, but listed durations aren't always accurate. The "original" version is often removed when an "iplayer" version is published, but not in this case. You only see "iplayer" overriding "original" because it happened to come second in the list.
OK thanks Dinky Pumpkin.

I'm also sometimes finding this in my output:

INFO: Using 'original2' version (b055v84y) as 'original'
INFO: Using 'original' version (b055v84y) as 'default'

But when I've run
on programmes that have shown this, I have never seen an "original2" version available.
The "2" is added to discriminate between duplicate version names, but only the longest duplicate is retained.

I'm going to remove this particular message from normal output. It is useless information.
Typo: should read that only duplicate that actually has streams is retained.

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