Move data from C:\Users\UserName\.get_iplayer?
get_iplayer v2.91, Win7 Embedded, HP T620 Thin Client.

Is it possible to change the location of the get_iplayer data that resides in C:\Users\UserName\.get_iplayer?

I am running get_iplayer on a thin client which has limited space on the Windows drive, C: (an SSD so, what's more, it has limited write capability as well).

I have it set up so that the downloaded files go to a network drive, and the program itself is also on that drive.

However, I find that the PVR list is in the ".get_iplayer" directory within the Windows User directory. It is well documented that it is not possible to move the whole Users directory on Win 7 (actually, it is Win7 Embedded) ... so is it possible to tell get_iplayer to use a different location?

You can use
(see Options page in wiki), but you have to remember to use it on every invocation of get_iplayer. Better to set the
(note all upper case) environment variable instead. Make sure new location is working first, then copy all files from default .get_iplayer directory.
On Windows, there is also a system options file in
to consider. It is only written when you run the installer, so probably just as well to leave it where it is. get_iplayer won't run properly without it on Windows unless you override all the relevant options from the command line. If you want to override that location as well, use the
environment variable. However, the next time you run the installer, it will create a new system options file in
. It won't pick up an alternate location, so you you'll have to manually update it.
Thanks, DP. That is exactly the advice I was looking for. I had done a search, but had not turned up anything.

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