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Thanks to the get_iplayer Team - Respect!


Like others who have posted on this forum, I would like to thank you chaps, especially Dinky-Pumpkin, for your sterling work on get_iplayer. It's great to be able to get hold of programmes like Horizon, Storyville's excellent "The Internet's Own Boy" (about Aaron Swartz), Borgen, and other great productions, without having to watch them on the BBC's dismal "iPlayer Downloads", time-limited into the bargain. Considering that VLC works so well, and that it is open-source so the BBC could look at the code, iPlayer's stuttering performance is a disgrace. It doesn't even play HD-recorded programmes at 720p, but for some reason at the same 832x420 format it uses for SD.

Taxes and TV licence mean I have helped pay for these programmes, so I'm damned if I see why I should put up with such low-quality and limited distribution. Right from the start, the get_iplayer team has been doing a great job that the BBC should have done itself long ago.

It says on this site that donations are not accepted, but I really would like to express my appreciation in more concrete form; my programming level is not really up to contributing to the project, but I'd like to put in a tenner or so towards the server costs or whatever. Perhaps if one of you has a PayPal account you might like to accept a small token of my gratitude.

Keep up the good work, you are saving my (intellectual) life!


Hello jmward,

I'm the site admin here. Please consider as charityware. If you would like to contribute some cash please consider donating to worthy projects that site like this depend on. Top of my personal list of worthy causes right now is the GnuPG project here:

They've reached their goal but such vital software that so many rely on deserves money far more than I do. Plus, I don't need it and would rather pay it forward to them.

I know that get_iplayer's maintainer DinkyPumpkin also does not accept donations and they may stop buy to offer their own opinions, which the above paragraphs don't speak for.


Newbie here, but I would like to add my thanks the developers and maintainers of the wonderful get_iplayer programme, and this website.

I've been using get_iplayer for 2-3 years on a regular basis (mostly for radio), and would now find it hard to do without it.

I only use it in a fairly unsophisticated way, but what it does for me it does very well and has never let me down.
I don't count when Auntie has occasionally "broken" it - and I'm fully of admiration for the people who keep it running in spite of all obstacles. Congratulations and thanks good people.

These forums are archived

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