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PVR command to filter out Repeats


I've searched the forum and read the support articles and i cannot find a way of stopping repeats from downloading with the PVR (windows - command line triggered)

Anyone know of a way? Maybe in a similar way to how it IS currently possible to limit the search to one channel or exclude channels from PVR searches. Co-incidentally these two options do help limit some repeats of new shows but not all.

i.e. only download if "broadcast date" is the same as "first broadcast date"
or exclude episode if "broadcast date" is not the same as "first broadcast date"

Here's hoping someone can help...



get_iplayer doesn't track repeats, only previous downloads (assuming download history file hasn't been cleared). AFAIK, there is no way to filter them with get_player.



the XML programme listings that the BBC provide for R4 & R3 contain an attribute called @is_repeat on the broadcast element. They almost alway respect it.

R4X, however (being chiefly a repeats channel) never provides this attribute.

e.g. this xml file


These forums are archived

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