Problems using PVR recording function
I am a complete novice. I've looked at the release notes, and I can't understand therm. Particularly where you are meant to type in the specific instructions am suddenly experiencing difficulty downloading programmes from Radio 2 and Radio 6. Using the quick URL, then record button the address doesn't work (for any radio downloads. I had to change the URL from:- to That now no longer works for Radio 2 and Radio 6 programming. It does still work for Radios 3 & 4. The quick URL method is the only method I know how to use. I am suddenly receiving the message "Episode only-PID found...PID found in cache...1 matching programmes...checking existence of default specified modes available for this programme with version default...Error: Failed to record."
I can't find or work out any other way to download the radio programmes; It's a complete mine field to me!!. Any help at all will be greatly and seriously appreciated. Cheers!
get_iplayer has two methods of operation. The first and primary method is via the command line where you may type a series of commands to download programmes. The second is the Graphical interface - the Web PVR.

You successfully managed to sign up for an account here and post this topic which means, despite your thinking otherwise, you possess the necessary skills to operate the command line version. The section up above titled 'guides' has various guides to using the command line and Web PVR versions.

To that end, if you want to solve your troubles right now you'll need to manually update. If you are uncomfortable with that, stop here, don't read any more and wait for the next updated release of the main installer where there are a number of fixes for current issues like you are experiencing.

If you want to continue, this guide to updating has all the info you require. Just read it carefully, read the information it links to about navigating on the command line and follow the steps one by one. It essentially boils down to downloading a file, backing up the original and then replacing the original with the new one.

You don't need to necessarily understand what every single thing means, the guide will take you through step by step.

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