A total dimwit
Am I deluding myself to think I can use get_iPlayer? I have no ability to make it work on my laptop. I didn't get any of the windows the directions said would come up. After Radio Downloader was persecuted by the BBC, I found Media Catcher. Nowhere like the excellent RD, I could at least get some plays. But it, too, has gone down and I am bereft from the loss of my plays. Can anyone offer some bone-head-simple instructions? I could use it on OS or a PC. I would be eternally grateful.
Quote:parisianblue wrote:I didn’t get any of the windows the directions said would come up.

The instructions don't say that any windows will come up, if you're talking about the guides in the link up above that is.

Obviously, you'll need to install get_iplayer. Once you've done that (I'm assuming you are on Windows) you can simply press the Windows key and type 'get_iplayer'. The first option to come up should be get_iplayer and you can just hit the enter key to launch the programme. This works in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Alternatively, you can open get_iplayer just like any other programme you might have on your computer. Simply navigate to it in the start menu and click it. That opens the dos/terminal style window into which you type the commands as instructed in the user guides above.


get_iplayer comes with a web based graphical control option where you can choose to interact with it in a browser window. This page has an overview of this option. Note that you would launch the web PVR manager by hitting the Windows key and typing 'web pvr manager' or searching for it in the start menu and clicking it.