Cannot see mapped NAS drive since 2.90 update
Hello and thanks a million for the wonderful work you put into this program. This is my first post!
Upon installing the latest version (2.90) I notice that it cannot see mapped drives in the form:
Drive Letter (R:) where R: is mapped to:
\\xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx\Folder Name, where xxxx is the specific internal IP address.
We prefer to use this method as we use NAS Servers, and can easily "Hot Swap" the live one by simply switching the IP addresses. This means that all connected computers will still see the mapped drives without having to recreate maps. As we use many programs that only work with physical driver letters (eg R: for Recordings), this is our preferred method.
The previous Get_Iplayer was happy with the drive letter but now one has to browse the network by device name and therefore end up with a recordings folder in the form:
\\Server Name\Folder Name
Although this works fine it is less flexible than nailing the IP address as this would involve changing the server name when hot swapping. It also avoids the vagaries of SMB networking over different versions of Windows where network browsing was always a little flaky! Like most companies, Microsoft modify SMB for their own purposes and one is always looking for the best fit at the other end. We currently use SMB v2.1
This is a very minor inconvenience, but I thought I would post this muse, in case someone else comes across the same problem with the recording folder name and they have NAS or other Linux/Unix based servers.
We are currently using Windows 8.1 as the O/S on all our machines as it seems to run faster than 7 even on old kit.
First, this had absolutely nothing to do with topic where you posted, so I've moved it to a new topic. Second, "cannot see" is a pretty vague error report. How do you know get_iplayer can't access that drive? Presumably there is some error, but what is it? And how does browsing your network by device name relate to get_iplayer? get_iplayer doesn't do any network browsing. If you can't see the mapped drive, neither can get_iplayer. If you're talking about the get_iplayer installer, nothing has changed with it in 2.90. If it isn't picking up mapped drives during installation for some reason, install with the UNC path and reset the output path to the mapped drive after installation.

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