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How do I download multiple or series programs automatically with PIDs?


Hi all,

Firstly I have been using get_iplayer for a while on windows based OS and its great, especially since I travel a great deal so can view programs whilst overseas and traveling.

They way I use, or should I say used, get_iplayer would be to search program named to download like so:

get_iplayer --get "death in paradise" "holby city" "top gear" ..........

Every now and again i would add a new program / series to the list that I fancied watching.
This list would be saved in notepad and I would copy and paste into get_iplayer weekly (or bi-weekly) to download the latest episodes available to watch.

Since BBC have changed things, how can I keep this going?

I see the PID way shown on the help and have looked into this.
However each program episode - ie top gear will have a different PID name.
This will be very slow to go though all episodes searching for each PID.

How is it possible to download say all top gear episodes, or all of the missing episodes?

I have tried the PID way of downloading, but how do I get the correct name of the program (as shown on BBC) to be displayed as the file name once downloaded?
I tired downloading the missing episode 1 and the file name appeared as: BBC_iPlayer_Feeds_-_b04n9p9c_default.mp4

Please note I'm no good at computer code :-)

Thanks for your help


Go and have another read of the guides. You'll see things have been updated and you can go back to your old way of doing things for now.

These forums are archived

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