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Thanks to all.


Thanks to all involved for the excellent documentation, as a result of which I really only came to the Forum to confirm the loss of the numbered indices. Otherwise, it's a simple matter to browse shows in the Web browser (even if with far too much bling trailing along!) change the switches away from number to pid, and to doctor up a couple of scripts to catch the few concerts I don't want to miss.
Scraping Web stuff is the biggest pita, but my experience with a couple of Australian volunteer groups that maintain public broadcaster downloaders based on scraping, is that there's usually enough mugs with nothing on that day to jump in to patch changes.
Kudos to all of you and good luck with the new Web experience!


Thanks from me too - I've been using get_iplayer for a couple of years now, and it's been absolutely brilliant. It's a very sad state of affairs that the Web PVR is now broken.

I've never understood how it works (I can't code), so I don't think I can contribute to any fixes - but I wanted to give encouragement to those that are trying.

At least we can still use the PIDs (though it is tedious compared to the PVR). I'm now going to try blundering around a bit with the scripts that people have posted up here. Maybe I'll learn something!

Well done you computer whizzkids!


Just so you know, steps are being taken by the maintainer to make changes that will return a large part of the previous functionality but at greatly reduced speed.

I expect to be able to update this forum with the relevant info tomorrow (Sun 02.11.2014).

These forums are archived

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