No Web UI Panic!
Never used the command line ... always used (and loved, muchly!) the Web UI.

OK - I have the --pid command working OK ... but there's no embedded thumbnail in the resulting .mp4 file. Everything has the iPlayer icon as the embedded thumbnail.
Have thumbnails gone as well, as a result of these "Nitro" changes?
... or, more likely, do I need to add other commands?

There are some issues with thumbnails at the moment. Steps are being taken to rectify this and may be ready for the next release which should be due shortly.
As an interim measure .... it's currently getting the BBC iPlayer logo from somewhere ... so, is it possible to replace the source of that thumbnail with an appropriately sized image taken from a screen clip when playing the prog in BBC iPlayer?
Some of my recording (Formula 1, for instance) usually have the same thumbnail, so once I had one for that series I could substitute before running Get_iPlayer.

Just a (desperate!) thought. :)
Another thought, likewise by creating one's own thumbnail image, is there a way to implant retrospectively?
Hi OzoneVibe. I've always used MP3Tag freeware to tidy up my iplayer MP4 files for use on my TV. You can download it here:

I've found it's best to change filenames in Windows Explorer (MP3Tag can do it, but it's a bit shaky). The freeware is good for embedding programme names & thumbnails amongst other things.

You can use images off the web (right-clicked to copy & paste) or make your own. Best to keep the file size as small as possible.

If MP3Tag ever crashes on you whilst you're using it and it looks like your TV show file has vanished, don't panic: go to the folder where the file ought to be, look for a file called something like 'loadofrandomgarbageletters.tmp' and rename it to 'your_preferred_filename.mp4'

Good luck!
Thanks ... I already have that from tidying MP3 files .... never thought about it for this. :)
A W E S O M E !!!! :)