Program Digit identifier problems
I can download program from PID ok . However searching for program digit identifier to download subtitles I am unable to find the program number. I have searched by program name , all progs last 24 hours but BBC seems to be slow in updating this information. Apart from program digit mumber is there any other way I can download subtitles for a particular program as I am unable to find it in the BBC listings.

Thank You
Ok _ I now see that BBC is slow in allocating digit idenifiers to programs as now I now find that the particular show I downloaded now has a program identifier to enable me to download subtitles.
Just thought I might raise this issue again as one cannot use Program Digit Number to record programs only PID numbers. Is there an alternative command for downloading subsonly for a program which does not require use of a
Program Digit Number ?

Thank you
1) What do you mean by 'Program Digit Number'?

2) Have you read the numerous posts relating to the changes the BBC have just made which break a lot of get_iplayers functionality?

3) Have you tried adding the subtitle download command to the PID method?