get_iplayer setup latest download
The following link is not working anymore.

Has anyone got a working one?
Hi atat71,
The download link above works fine.
Is it that your antivirus is blocking it? Mine (Avast) is _deeply_ unhappy about whatever's at that link, so I can't update right now.
Yes, It was Avast that was blocking it, so I disabled it, and the download worked fine. You need to install it whilst Avast is disabled too, then re-enable Avast after install.
Thanks for your help.
Glad you're happy to do that -- I'd rather wait until a version which _wasn't_ causing Avast to have conniptions is available, it's saved me from many problems over the years.
You're unlikely ever to see a version that Avast likes unless you can get them to clear the false positive from their databases. If you don't want to bypass your antivirus, get_iplayer can be installed manually on Windows. See the installation page in the wiki.
Ah, thanks. And <bump>

What a couple of years.
RadioDownloader, get_iPlayer and all either gone or crippled.

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