GiP differences between Windows and Linux
There's an obscure difference between the tagging on Windows and Linux.

On Windows tagging can only contain characters that fall with the ISO8859-1 range as GiP filters the UTF-8 tagging information on Windows. So, mostly there is no effect at all. ISO8859-1 supports most common western european languages. My experience is that the most common use of non-ASCII characters is names in track listing for radio 3 output.

An example is the track listing for Music Planet of 2020-05-02

This contains some Arabic and Chinese. Cyrillic and Greek would also not be supported.

You can see the missing characters in the tracks.txt file. Under Windows you need a text editor that supports UTF-8. Windows 10 notepad does, earlier windows versions don't.

The windows version of AtomicParsley, which actually does the tagging, has wide characterer (UTF-16 - the traditional windows support for Unicode) command line input. So, if the command line could be constructed in UTF-16, which I assume Perl could do, and passed to AtomicParsley, whcih I don't know about, then that would work.

I tried using the  --tag-utf8  option to send UTF-8 to AtomicParsley and copying AtomicParsley.exe to AtomicParsley-utf8.exe and pointing at that to make it accept raw UTF-8, but that doesn't work. Probably because of something going on in the conversion to UTF-16 which is implicit in sending any command line to AtomicParsley.

Recently Microsoft have started improving UTF-8 support in Windows. Since windows 10 v1903, setting the code page to 65001 (UTF-8) mostly works for programs such as Atomic Parsley which output UTF-8. It's also possible to add a manifest to an application to show that it expects to work with UTF-8, so that it will not need the code page to be set.

I tried rebuilding AtomicParsley with only UTF-8 support and an appropriate manifest, and that does seem to work. But that's with only one test!

Obviously using the Linux version of GiP is the simplest thing to do. I assume that this will work under WSL (windows subsystem for Linux) on Windows 10.

You could argue that this is a bug in the Windows version, but it has such a tiny affect on the functionality that I would be surprised if anyone other than me would notice, and I already have a fix.
Ignoring non-Latin languages [Windows] is a bug.
(05-05-2020, 02:41 PM)skeptic Mike Wrote: Obviously using the Linux version of GiP is the simplest thing to do. I assume that this will work under WSL (windows subsystem for Linux) on Windows 10.

Unfortunately AtomicParsley doesn't work on WSL. So while gip itself does, one of the critical dependencies doesn't.


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