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Dear Moderators: Forum blocked for Italians?


Dear Moderators

I live and post from Italy
- but to login and post I now have to use
a VPN into another country
otherwise I get a "you are banned" forum message.

Obviously my UserId has not been banned.
I never did much wrong!

Is this bulk block intentional on the moderators part?
If not could it perhaps be removed?

Best wishes & Distinti Saluti & Stay Safe

An admirer.


Yes, it's an intentional block.

Generally the BBC's video content is available only to Licence Fee payers physically in the UK.  get-iplayer is not intended for breaching the BBC's (or anyone else's) terms of use. 

Note that the BBC terms include:

Quote:7.a. don't mess with our services

What do we mean by that? This sort of thing:

Accessing content from outside the UK that you aren’t allowed to, or helping others do the same. For example: using a VPN service so you can watch BBC iPlayer when you're outside the UK


note carefully "or helping others do the same".

So, no, we can't support you breaching the BBC's terms of use.  Please don't ask for help, please don't use get-iplayer to breach the BBC's terms of use.


These forums are archived

See this post for further info