Concurrent cache refresh leads to ERROR: Connection error: SSL connect attempt failed
I've run into a weird problem with 3.25, basically it not working while downloading the various schedules
What I'm seeing is errors like this.
ERROR: Failed to download BBC Alba schedule page (3/3)
ERROR: Connection error: SSL connect attempt failed get_iplayer

I'm guessing this is some sort of rate limiting as the problem goes away if I use the deprecated option noindexconcurrent=1

Any ideas?
Okay it would appear I have found a none deprecated solution add the option indexmaxconn=1

I've still no idea why it doesn't like concurrent fetching.

Other things I have tried:
Setting MOJO_CA_FILE to the system CA file, it should be using Mozilla::CA::SSL_ca_file() in my opinion.
Updating Mojolicious to 8.33 from 7.57 (distribution provided version) and related modules.

I hope this helps anybody facing the same issue.

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