How do I convert --raw output to MP4 with ffmpeg like get_iplayer does without --raw?

Anyone know the ffmpeg commands used to convert the raw format to the resulting mp4?

As I download to a RaspberryPi (first model) conversion can sometimes be slow so I use the --raw flag then convert using ffmpeg -i <iplayer-file> -vcodec copy -acodec copy output-file.mkv

Pretty sure the --raw file downloads as an .flv file and normally that will play fine as it is but some TVs need mpg, mp4 or mkv

get_iplayer doesn't usually transcode - it just remuxes the raw stream into an mp4. ffmpeg is usually clever enough to do this with something like this:
$ ffmpeg -i <iplayer-file> -c:a copy -c:v copy output-file.mp4
but I'm not sure what the point of doing this outside get-iplayer would be? Just don't use --raw.

>Pretty sure the --raw file downloads as an .flv file
not for a long time... it's a few years since there has been flash media on the BBC website.

If you can explain what your end goal is, people can probably give better advice about how to get there.


Thank you for quick reply.

What I omitted to mention was that conversion takes place on different machine.

As mentioned; I download to an original Pi (before a Pi 2) and they are up to Pi 4 now. The download is fine but the conversions can be slow on the old Pi - hence on occasions I use the --raw option. I would then transfer file to another machine for conversion. Only do this if time is a factor otherwise I just let the Pi get on with the conversion itself.


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