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Download ..exe took some finding - Not been here for some years....


Something was wrong yesterday downloading, using the PID for programmes. Opening the files, the video isn't present.

I therefore checked here and saw there was a new iteration. I uninstalled the version I have been using for some years.

However, whatever I did - I couldn't get to download an .exe file for the Windows version.

So - for any unfamiliar users - you need to click on the "3.24.0" beside the small luggage label icon under the box with "Latest Release" in Green. (I had been clicking on the large blue "3.24.0" and then the files underneath (which I appreciate are files which wouldn't help a novice like me - but I was desperate).

Apologies - this is probably obvious to so many readers here.

However, for example I'm not at ease with command line instructions, which indicates I am way behind the competence of many users here. But I am so relieved to be able to use Get iPlayer again (and hopefully find the download by PID works better now.... Thanks everyone for your work keeping this invaluable program working.)

These forums are archived

See this post for further info