[FIXED] BBC changes break track listings
The following errors are shown if you ask for a track listing:
INFO: Downloading track data
INFO: Downloading URL (3/3): https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000d7zf/segments.inc

ERROR: Failed to download URL (3/3): https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000d7zf/segments.inc
ERROR: Response: 404 Not Found
ERROR: Ignore this error if programme download is successful
WARNING: Track data not found

As far as I can tell, get_iplayer doesn't use the segments.inc file at all. It pulls the data out of the segments.json file. So, the failure is simply down to trying to read the segments.inc file. It looks as though this was done to get the second pid associated with the programme. Asking for the segments file returned a different URL. This second pid can be read from the json file which contains the basic metadata. e.g.
under: version.0.pid - for this programme it's m000d7zd

Interestingly, there's a json file with that pid, and the segments.json file simply contains the segments section of it.

However, for a quick and dirty fix replacing segments.inc in get_iplayer (there's only 1 occurence) with segments.json get's it working again. The redirection works with a request for segments.json, e.g.

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