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Specifying output directory in PVR search files


Here's a new one on me!  I have "output" and "outputtv" specified in my options. file but want programmes from a couple of PVR search matches to go into other directory structures.  I noted that "output" is a valid option in the PVR files so thought I'd use that.  However, when I specify a full path (originally in quotes just to be safe because of a comma and foreign character, but then without) it crashes on trying to create an invalid directory.  The script specifies a base dir of the installed program dir, which seems like a bug to me, so I get:
ERROR: Could not create dir 'C:\PROGRA~1\GET_IP~1\"G:\iPlayer_Podcasts\<directory_structure>"'
When I strip away the full path and quotes (thankfully Win Cmd isn't confused by the comma or non-standard chr) the search does indeed download my programmes into a newly created
which is most definitely not what I want.  At least when I rely on the output options in options. it downloads to the correct drive and upper directory leaving me some ancillary filing work.
Is this behaviour purposeful or a "Secondary Software Characteristic"*?


P.S. Is there a comment chr in PVR search files?  I'd like to comment out any "output" references for now rather than delete them, and it would be nice to comment out "disabled 1" in the various files that I disable when a programme is out of season for a good part of the year, and I'm too lazy to type the line in full (actually, its presence is an apt reminder that this file is one I should periodically disable)


In the event that this is not a bug, if you could show rather than tell that would be very helpful - please have a look at the how to report a problem page:

It's a little comprehensive, but following enough of the steps to actually post your options files, commands and errors verbatim without alteration would allow further troubleshooting.


That's fair enough, thank you for your reply :-)  Some file contents follow--

Using version 3.24.0-MSWin32 my options. file is:
output G:\iPlayer_Podcasts
outputtv G:\iPlayer_TV
fps25 1
nopurge 1
subsraw 1
subtitles 1
tag_isodate 1
tag_podcast_radio 1
tag_tracklist 1
thumb 1
tracklist 1

When using
get_iplayer --pvr
it crashes at parsing the first file that I've modified to include an 'output' field.  In this instance the file "Isaac_Asimov_name_episode_desc_radio." contains:
fields name,episode,desc
metadata xbmc
modes best
thumb 1
type radio
versionlist podcast,default
output "G:\Authors\Asimov,Isaac"
search0 Isaac Asimov

This produces the error:
ERROR: Could not create dir 'C:\PROGRA~1\GET_IP~1\"G:\Authors\Asimov,Isaac"'
On deleting the quotes I still get:
ERROR: Could not create dir 'C:\PROGRA~1\GET_IP~1\G:\Authors\Asimov,Isaac'
So I deleted the qualified part of the path until the above file now only contains:
output Asimov,Isaac
and it successfully downloaded a programme into a newly created "C:\Program Files\get_iplayer\Asimov,Isaac"

Would anything else actually be useful in this context?

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