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Per documentation, use --subs-mono for monochrome subtitles


As my hearing has deteriorated over the years I've started to use subtitles more often. But now, GiP seems to be adding extra information which I don't recall seeing before.

An example is this :-
00:00:03,280 --> 00:00:05,640
<font color="#ffffff">In this special edition</font>
<font color="#ffffff">of Front Row Late,</font>

Should the .srt file have these HTML commands in it and did it always do so?

If it helps, I'm trying to watch the programmes on a Humax machine.

Should I use a different command to add subtitles, embed them perhaps or will simply move the problems elsewhere?

Any help appreciated.


I don't know if it's always been so, but both vlc and kodi use those tags to show the subtitles in colour.
Edit: oh, and, AFAIK, it's not get_iplayer that adds the tags, they come straight from the bbc.


The Humax machine I referred to is a Humax Fox machine with custom firmware so just in case that was having an influence I fired up my Humax HDR100S satellite machine. That says there's no subtitle data for the Mary Beard programme!

Ok, I'll try something else. I fired up my Raspberry Pi running OSMC and that displays subtitles just fine as I can't see a way to turn them off! Time to RTFM methinks. So as you suggested, things like VLC and Kodi do work 'as is' so I can close this now.

I'll mark the thread as solved.


Yes, the colours come from the BBC. If they are causing problems for your playback, you can ask get_iplayer to remove the colour tags using the
option, see:

Note that if you embed the subtitles, they will automatically be converted to mono (both the embedded and external srt files).


It wasn't the colours that were a problem, simply that the HTML tags were being displayed on the Humax Fox machine. As I mentioned though, OSMC on a Pi displays them fine.

I had looked at the page to which you refer but hadn't really taken note of the colour disappearing when embedded. If have the time one day, I might have a go at experimenting with embedding subtitles and try to persuade them to be in colour. But that is for another day.

Thanks for your reply.

These forums are archived

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